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About Us

Meet Karine Wong, Pharm. D. and CEO of My Guiltless Treats

"Hey it's the Panna Cotta lady!" That's what they call me here in Orange County, CA. It's not because they can't remember my name; it's because my panna cotta dessert is amazingly delicious and guiltless. The idea to create healthy desserts came across me when I noticed people filling their shopping carts with healthy choices. There would be a tower of yogurts, pints of berries, bags of vegetables, granola, and in the corner, there would be a pint of ice cream, cookie dough, or a slice of cake. Everyone does this; they buy and eat desserts. Even me! But after we indulge into our dessert, there's always a consequential feeling of guilt. We go back to the gym for a double session and we diet, hoping to erase those miserable empty calories from the day before. Not anymore! My panna cottas are sweet and delicious, like flan (without the egg) and each serving has  7g of protein and only 130 calories. - Karine Wong, Pharm. D., CEO

At My Guiltless Treats, we use high-quality ingredients from non-GMO coconut cream to organic agave nectar.

We source only the best for you! Our coconut panna cottas are primarily made with non-GMO coconut cream, agave nectar, and caseinate (milk protein). Caseinate is not a significant source of lactose and gives each serving 7 g of protein!

Panna cottas are made by hand; never by machine. The process guarantees best quality each and every time.

To ensure high-quality products, batches are made by hand. They are not processed by large machines. Then they are systematically checked for taste, texture, appearance, and smell. It may take more time but it's worth it. Give them a try and order yours today!